Colorado teachers go to the Capitol to demand more education funding

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Yet there are stark, partisan divides about whether arming teachers and other school officials with guns - as President Trump has suggested - is a good way to respond to fears about gun violence on campus. But at a roundtable of students and faculty from SUNY Oswego's School of Education, the idea was quickly dismissed.

According to the complaint that a parent lodged to the police, the accused caressed the girls by hugging them from behind, holding and massaging their thighs, rubbing his chin on them, kissed them at times, and also fondled their breasts.

John Hardin freshman Lena Stevens said, "If the generation is corrupt, then the future is corrupt". "We'd like to bring attention to it".

As such, Oliva looks forward to the teachers returning to what they do best.

Teachers say it's about more than a salary raise. The connections I make with the students as I watch them grow throughout the year and even after they leave third grade.

There are, however, other issues that must be addressed if children in Colorado are going to keep up with students in other states.

"We, as staff members, are not here trying to boost our salaries".

"If you can not afford to provide both your basic supplies and school counselors, you're going to choose to provide basic supplies in most cases", said AQE president Billy Easton.

"I'm blown away about the support you have shown, " he added. "She has been a very supportive and encouraging teacher, she always pushes us to do the best we can." said a few of her students. ProStart is a nationwide two-year program for high school students that provide vital training skills for students so they are prepared to enter South Dakota's hospitality workforce.

"I greatly, greatly, appreciate what you all have done".

The AEA said in a statement that Richardson had a conflict of interest since he worked as a consultant for the Pike Road system.

To call the teacher walkout an anti-Republican demonstration could ignore the fact that most teachers are registered Republicans.

John Hardin senior Athena O'Neil said "there is a lot that is wrong with the US educational system" and change starts with the teachers.

The Englewood School District was closed Monday because of a lack of substitutes to cover the teachers who walked out.