We Now Know Who Actually Bought Stuff From Russell Crowe's Divorce Auction

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Last night (April 15), Oliver revealed on his Last Week Tonight show that he had purchased the jockstrap Crowe wore in the film Cinderella Man. After introducing the segment with a nostalgia-fueled look back at Blockbuster, during which the show sourced KTUU's reporting, Oliver said he hopes to send the Crowe memorabilia to the Blockboster on Debarr Road.

Of the four remaining Blockbuster stores, three are in Alaska. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver confirmed rumors that his show purchased props from Crowe's "The Art of Divorce" auction, where the actor (along with Sotheby's) put a lot of random memorabilia, guitars, and Australian art work Crowe collected over his nine-year marriage up for sale.

"I can think of no more ideal place for them to reside than an Alaskan Blockbuster store", Oliver told the audience.

"To the manager of the only remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska at 5600 Debarr Road #5 ... all of this s- is yours", Oliver said. "Just call us in the next 48 hours, and we'll send it to you".

Why we care: Newly crowned rap queen Cardi B recently opined in an Instagram video about paying taxes: "I want to fucking know WHAT YA DOING WITH MY FUCKING MONEY!" The internet speculated that the bidder was none other than Oliver himself, fueled by his earlier reference on the show lampooning the odd nature of the auction, and that item itself. "But if they are going to give it to us a blockbuster video in Alaska ..."