Newborn Girl Flushed Down Toilet In Doctor's Clinic, Body Found By Plumbers

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On Friday morning, Dr Abdul Rehman - who runs the clinic next to his house - noticed obstruction in the toilet bowl and called the plumber. When he started working further and tried to clear the jam he spotted head of a baby popping out from the main outlet pipeline.

A 2-day-old baby girl was flushed down the toilet at a doctor's clinic in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

A newborn baby tragically ended up in a clinic's toilet in Kerala and was only found after two days in a decomposed state with the placenta still attached.

Due to the presence of blood inside the commode, the police believe that the mother of the baby delivered inside the toilet and flushed the child down.

Dr Abdul Rahman also filed a complaint and based on the complaint the police filed a case against the newborn's parents, who are said to be absconding.

The police also added that the matter is being investigated and the records of all the patients are being checked. "Investigations are underway. We are analysing the records, but we haven't been able to identify her parents yet", police sources told NDTV.

The baby's body was shifted to a medical college where post-mortem procedures were completed.

'There wasn't much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet. However, as the placenta was intact with the baby, the mother could have delivered her inside the washroom and chose to dump her in the commode, said cops. "Seeing the color of the blood, the domestic worker mistook it for muddy water".