Capital Police bust gang of bike lifters, 4 arrested

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During the altercation, a gun fell from the fleeing suspect's waistband as he made claims to being a federal law enforcement agent while openly calling for anyone in the area to kill his pursuers, police said.

Police have arrested a man in the theft of a gold and diamond pin from the Fort Smith Museum of History that once belonged to federal Judge Isaac C. Parker.

Police spokesman Cpl. Anthony Rice said Stevens worked for the museum as a contractor.

Acting promptly on the information, Cheetah 921 started chasing the bolero jeep when it was returning from Big Bazar towards Rampur square and succeeded in stopping the vehicle in front of Rampur sub-police station. Two other members of the public sustained wounds, both to the right foot, as a result of ricocheting bullets. Police also said they smelled marijuana, noting that the odor grew stronger when the driver lowered the driver's side window. "We need them there as soon as possible", Premo asserted.

He also suggested to have GPS system fitted in all types of vehicle which would help the police as well as owners to have some clues upto where the network is available.

Robert J. Haddenham, of Joplin, ultimately was subdued and taken into custody, with multiple charges being sought through the Jasper County prosecutor's office.