Brexit: 'People's vote' campaign group launched

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A new cross-party campaign for a referendum on Britain's European Union departure deal launched today, insisting the British public - and not just politicians - should be given a say.

The day of action is being organised by the European Movement, Open Britain and Britain for Europe, with more than 100 events planned across the United Kingdom, from Aberdeen to Falmouth.

The British parliament's only Green MP, Caroline Lucas, said: "This is too big and too important to be determined exclusively by politicians".

Lawmakers from the governing Conservative Party, as well as the opposition Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties, and Sir Patrick addressed the crowd.

The survey was conducted earlier this week, ahead of a campaign launched by Open Britain calling for a public vote on whatever Brexit deal British Prime Minister Theresa May presents to parliament.

"Brexit is not inevitable".

James McGrory, executive director of Open Britain, which is supporting the People's Vote campaign, said: "Whether you think the government will negotiate a good deal or bad deal, Brexit is definitely a big deal".

"Brexit will affect everybody in the country, which is why it should not be left to 650 politicians to decide our future but 65 million people".

The actor even said that his X-Men character Charles Xavier would have supported the Remain campaign. Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show on Sunday, he said that the "terms and conditions" of Brexit were "quite unlike" how they were put forward during the referendum campaign.

The People's Vote campaign would argue the public, not MPs, should get the final say on Brexit, he said.

He added that "history and emotion" led him to want to stay in the EU.

A promise to that end, he said, should be written down in the treaty that will regulate relations between London and the 27 countries that will remain in the European Union after Britain leaves at the end of March 2019. "We're now trying to deliver on that mandate from the people", Mr Johnson told Mr Marr.

Moran said any new referendum would have to happen after the deal is completed in October, and before Brexit day at the end of March - meaning campaigners are short on time.