What Mark Zuckerberg really earns

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Under the new rules, companies will need explicit consent from users to share their data with third parties and people will have the right to know what personal information is stored about them and to ask for it to be deleted. For example, Facebook tracks your activity across websites outside the platform, including not just what sites you visit, but whether you've made purchases or shared information with a company-that's how it knows what ads should be targeted to you.

Zuckerberg said he understands the concerns, especially because "Facebook and tech industry is located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely Left-leaning place".

Prodded by the Cambridge scandal, the FTC is now investigating whether Facebook violated their agreement.

It's no coincidence that Parakilas has been speaking out about the issue since the matter of user data on Facebook came to light.

"We heard feedback from thousands of parents and they want control over their communication with kids", Zuckerberg said.

With the pressure mounting on the social network, some are speculating that Facebook may soon launch a paid-for version of the platform alongside its current free offering.

And it may surprise you that on Facebook's page when you go to "I don't have a Facebook account and would like to request all my personal data stored by Facebook" it takes you to a form that says "go to your Facebook page and then on your account settings you can download your data". For many people, Facebook is a means of communications with their most intimate friends and their families in addition to more distant acquaintances. Some questions were good, many were benign, one or two were weird and some betrayed a total lack of understanding of the digital age.

More recently, in the latest instalment in a long-running privacy case, a Belgian court ordered Facebook to stop profiling non-members in the country or face a daily fine.

One email, which was sent to private addresses associated with the duo's Facebook accounts, explained that the website had introduced new guidelines for accounts eligible to earn money through Facebook in September of past year.

While he was working on that team, Parakilas discovered issues that put data belonging to Facebook users at risk.

The stolen data was so widespread that it even swept up information on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

How detailed? For example, the photos include your camera metadata, which says what camera you used, the settings, the Global Positioning System location and even the IP address you used to upload the photo to Facebook.

It was cobbled together by Zuckerberg after a night of drinking while still a student at Harvard, according to a blog he kept at the time.

The University's School of Information has been studying the implications of Facebook and the information infrastructure for almost a decade, said information studies professor Andrew Dillon.