The Apple Watch Could Soon Support Third-Party Watch Faces

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But there's a (big) caveat: the gratis maintenance service is in place strictly for devices suffering from battery issues, according to a leaked internal document.

Eligibility is limited to 42mm-sized Apple Watch Series 2 models, including Edition, Hermès, Nike+ and Sport variants, pending a visual-mechanical inspection.

The document, obtained by MacRumors, indicates that select Apple Watch Series 2 models may not power on or may experience an "expanded battery" under certain conditions. If your device falls into a certain category after a physical device assessment, Apple will fix the device for free. Repairs are available to owners up to three years after their purchase date, even if they didn't purchase Apple's extended warranty. Warranty status does not matter for this issue. If you own one and think the battery is defective, head over to Apple's Support page to schedule a fix.

Users have experienced their Apple Watch Series 2 batteries expanding in size without any reason. Apple has nearly always replaced or serviced such devices and generally covers expanded batteries past the 1-year warranty date, regardless of a program such as this. Apple is now offering Apple Watch Series 2 models with expanded batteries or which are having troubling turning on.

Apple Watch faces are mostly limited to digital or analog time displays and a choice of complications, with any new additions only coming from Apple itself and remaining under their control, such as the Disney and Pixar characters added a year ago.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is considerably old and for some users, the wearable's battery expands. Let us know in the comments.