Paul Ryan is quitting like a coward

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Other Republicans, such as New York Representative Peter King, expressed wariness about the bid by conservatives, who've pressed the party not to compromise with Democrats. But as a father and grandfather, Johnson said he understands his decision to prioritize spending time with his family.

"When I look at that picture, Mr. Speaker, I have to say, I don't see anybody who looks like me, in terms of color or gender", King said, emulating the analogy made popular by former President Barack Obama. I took it reluctantly.

" I'Id broken each record which any (home) speaker has had about equality", Ryan explained around the afternoon of his retirement announcement and a afternoon after Politico reported he had raised £11.1 million at the very first quarter of 2018, bringing his total to this past year's election cycle into £ 54 million.

"But the truth is it's easy to take over everything in your life, and you can't just let that happen because there are other things in life that can be fleeting as well - namely your time as a husband and a dad, which is the other great honor of my life".

He will serve out his full term, run through the tape, and then retire in January.

Ryan was criticised by Democrats for what they saw as his failure to stand up to Trump and firmly confront the President on matters such as Trump's frequent attacks on U.S. law enforcement and the President's alienation of U.S. allies and abandonment of longstanding Republican principles like free trade.

Hoping to avert that potential scenario Trump is expected to campaign hard for House Republicans in the November elections, the source said, citing internal White House planning.

"Paul Ryan is an institution here in Janesville and also in the 1st Congressional District". Rumours had been swirling in conservative circles for months that he was eying the exits.

One of the main reasons Ryan entered the political sphere was to change the nation's tax policies.

He has accomplished all that he could during his time as the Speaker. He told reporters he believes he's leaving with strong accomplishments his party can sell to voters ahead of November elections.

Paul Ryan didn't want to be speaker of House.

It is indicative of Trump's impact on the Republican Party that Ryan, the vice presidential nominee in 2012, now faces an uncertain political future only two years after being considered a rising star.

House Speaker Paul Ryan downplayed the need for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force for a military strike on Syria, repeating his longstanding position that he thinks President Donald Trump "has the authority under the existing AUMF" from 2001.

"While he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question". And while we're at it, having an effective president wouldn't hurt either.

Scalise told Fox News earlier that he would not run against McCarthy, but did not officially endorse him.

Among names already circulating as a possible Ryan replacement were House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who was wounded by a gunman past year.