Inspectors head to suspected gas attack site in Syria

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Certainly, the latest strikes have done more damage than a similar operation 12 months ago, when 59 US Tomahawk missiles targeted a military base at Shayrat, in central Syria.

Hours after a punishing USA -led missile strike, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, dressed in a dark suit and tie, strode through the gates of his palace to start his day as usual.

McKenzie says the strike will set Syria's chemical program back for years.

Jordan, he said, stands with the Syrians' right to end their suffering and the crisis in their country, calling for honest efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Saturday condemned the Syrian government's chemical attacks on its civilians and voiced its support for global sanctions against such crimes.

But the United States, Britain, and France appear to have taken strides to prevent a serious escalation with Russian Federation in their joint bombing in the early hours of April 14 to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the alleged chemical attack they accuse his forces of carrying out.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis has since offered clarification, saying the strikes were a "one-time shot".

Russia's military said Syrian air defense units downed 71 out of 103 cruise missiles fired by the allies.

Defense officials from the countries involved in the attack gave differing accounts of how much warning was given to the Russians, Syria's powerful ally.

Despite the strikes, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said it was still planning on carrying out its investigation into the Douma attack. "They are crimes of a monster instead".

General Sergei Rudskoi told reporters in the Russian capital that two sites linked to Syria's chemical weapons program that were targeted were partly destroyed though they have always been out of use and had no personnel or equipment, he said.

The allies successfully hit all three of their targets, the Pentagon said, deploying 105 missiles.

Russian Federation is reportedly warning that the USA actions will not be without consequences.

Syria's foreign ministry said the strikes aimed to block their work. U.S., British and French attack aircraft, including two U.S. Air Force B-1B strategic bombers, launched advanced missiles from outside Syrian airspace, officials said.

"An act of aggression against a sovereign state that is on the frontline in the fight against terrorism was committed without a mandate from the UN Security Council and in violation of the UN Charter and norms and principles of worldwide law", Putin said in a Kremlin statement.

A total of 100 cruise and air-to-surface missiles were launched at targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry stated, noting that two USA warships carried out the attack from the Red Sea, as well as tactical aviation over the Mediterranean Sea and B-1B bombers from al-Tanf area.

In his primetime address announcing the strikes, Trump accused Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government of failing to guarantee a 2013 deal that was supposed to rid Assad of his chemical weapons.

Syria has denied carrying out the Douma attack and its ally, Russia, had warned that Western military strikes would risk starting a war.

- During telephone conversations on Saturday afternoon Theresa May, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron agreed the military strikes in Syria "had been a success".

In the six days between the attack and the US-led response, Washington and Moscow clashed repeatedly in duelling press statements and U.S. debates. Still, the EU's goal is to prevent an escalation of the conflict, Mogherini said, calling for an immediate ceasefire and a "genuine political transition" in Syria. He called on Moscow to change course and join the West in seeking a more responsible regime in Damascus.

Douma and the sprawling eastern Ghouta region near the capital, Damascus, had been under rebel control since 2012 and was a thorn in the side of President Bashar Assad's government, threatening his seat of power with missiles and potential advances for years.