Facebook Stories adds AR drawing and Boomerang

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Here's the Augmented Reality 3D Drawing's Demo video released by TechCrunch. Any photos or videos you add to your Stories will appear on both Facebook and Messenger, and will be shared with the same audience across both. With the availability of the AR-based 3D drawing feature clear signifies that a major push is being given to the Stories and it is said to help increase the popularity of stories and drive user engagement.

Facebook announced two new features coming to Stories: 3D drawings with AR applications and Boomerang from Instagram. People can soon draw scribbles before or during recording and then move the camera around to see the markings stay in place.

Facebook might be having a tough time dealing with the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica crisis, but that hasn't stopped the social media giant from working on improving its products.

The AR technology should also be able to detect objects from surfaces.

Facebook has also confirmed the fact that the Boomerang will be replacing the looping GIF creation in the Facebook camera; the Boomerang feature, however, is already available on Instagram. The chances of proper detection depend on the amount of information that the camera captures for an object, which in turn depends on the light available in the environment as pointed in the report. Yes, there are millions of Facebook users who are making use of this Facebook Stories on a daily basis. That feature has not been updated yet and it is now getting polished with a whole new look.

For the uninformed, Boomerang is a feature that loops videos back and forwards (hence the name) and have proven very popular with users of Instagram.

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Stories allows you to post pictures and videos for other users to view.

If we talk about this particular Stories feature on Facebook, it has not been successful as Instagram or Snapchat.