Google to Launch New Gmail Design

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Newly leaked screenshots obtained by The Verge reveal Google's upcoming redesign of Gmail for the web.

Though not much details have been forthcoming from the company, observers link this move to the new design already unveiled in the Google Calendar app that saw new bright colors and modern icons and so on. The majority of the site will look the same, including the same layout and the same three information density settings Gmail users see today. Google, if rumors are right, working on enhanced confidential mode, which will allow the recording of the email as well.

According to a source who talked to TechCrunch, Gmail's new "confidential mode" lets users create self-expiring emails that disappear after a specific amount of time. This will thus help sort out the emails that lay the utmost importance for a given point of time. Users can also set an expiration date on certain sent emails.

Since Google is working on some major updates now, it looks like there are plenty of new features to get excited about it.

Perhaps the biggest change to Gmail will be plugins to other Google apps such as Calendar, which would save users the hassle of clicking back and forth between screens.

All of these new features including Gmail's new interface will be accessible for G Suite customers and personal Gmail account holders.

Google is redesigning its Gmail web interface, which will begin rolling out in the coming weeks. But the two services remain separate from one another and Inbox may be a testing ground for new Gmail features.

While users of G Suite never have their emails scanned for other Gmail users, in 2014, Google updated its terms of service to ensure users had full transparency in the context of Google scanning their email content. Hence, if you are not a beta tester for the Google Phone app, you will have to wait for a few weeks.

The Verge has published some screenshots of the new Gmail design they have obtained, which is now under testing at Google. Both of those features are part of Google's Inbox app for Gmail.