British Jets Take off from Cyprus Base Before Hitting Targets in Syria

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"I want to state categorically ... that Britain has no involvement and would never have any involvement in the use of a chemical weapon", she said, the Guardian reported.

The Kremlin on Friday claimed that British intelligence forces helped stage the attack on the Syrian town of Douma last weekend.

A U.K. Foreign Office spokesperson said: "Russia has wielded its United Nations security council veto six times since February 2017 to shield the Assad regime from scrutiny for its use of chemical weapons".

She declined to say whether Bashar al-Assad should stay in power and said talks with allies would continue on finding a political solution to the civil war.

She added that the strikes were not about "regime change".

Theresa May said "everything possible" was done to deter civilian casualties.

"This collective action sends a clear message that the global community will not stand by and tolerate the use of chemical weapons", May told a press conference.

"I think it is right that the worldwide community has come together and said we will not accept this", she added.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that Storm Shadow missiles had been launched by four RAF Tornados at a former missile base, 15 miles of Homs, where it is believe President al-Assad's regime has been residing.

Over 100 missiles were fired on the morning of Saturday, April 14, targeting what representatives of coalition forces called chemical weapons sites in retaliation for an earlier poison gas attack.

She added that she would address parliament on Monday.

Britain's defense ministry said "very careful scientific analysis" had been applied to maximize the destruction of stockpiled chemicals while minimizing any risk of contamination to surrounding areas.

Prime Minister Theresa May during a press conference in 10 Downing Street, London on the air strikes against Syria.

He also did not rule out future military action.

May is not obliged to win parliament's approval before ordering military action, but a non-binding constitutional convention to do so has been established since a 2003 vote on joining the US -led invasion of Iraq.

"It was right to take the action that we have done in the timing that we have done", she said.

"Bombing can not substitute for diplomacy", he said.

"It was both right and legal to take military action together with our closest allies to alleviate further humanitarian suffering by degrading the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capability", May said. We have sought to use every possible diplomatic channel to achieve this.

He reiterated that Canada condemns the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta.