IOS 11.3 Messing with iPhone 8s with Third-Party Screens

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After the update, some users have reported that the Apple iPhone 8 display is becoming unresponsive after the update, if the user is using an aftermarket iPhone 8 display. The fact is that Apple executives are set to release a new iPhone, however, does not focus on the improvement of the software.

"This has caused my company over 2,000 reshipments", Aakshay Kripalani, chief executive of fix shop Injured Gadgets told Motherboard. But this is not the first time a software update from Apple has caused serious problems for those opting to fix their broken smartphones at third-party shops rather than sending them to the manufacturer.

"Customers are annoyed and it seems like Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing third-party fix".

The glossy red finish - which will not be available on the flagship iPhone X - is an improvement on last year's Product (Red) devices, which were matte red owing to the iPhone 7's aluminium casing, the site says. However, Apple apologized for this and released a new update later to solve the issue. Apple later apologized and issued a fix for the Error 53 issue. This is not a case of taking it into an Apple Store and having it fail on users after it has been repaired. Interestingly, the third iPhone, which is expected to spot a bigger but LCD display, will help the company to rope in early adopters of technologies who don't want to pay the exorbitant price of iPhone.

Repairing "other damage" costs has various charges.

Third-party fix shops, which are popular in the era of glass phones and frequently smashed screens, often undercut Apple and offer services Apple does not.

Instead, it is more viable for fix stores to revert to the grey market, where they can obtain unlicensed pieces, which are often made in the same factories.