Professor's sexist remarks incites 'watermelon' protest in Kerala

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An NDTV report also said that several women shared topless pictures of themselves to protest the professor's statements.

"We will flood him with watermelons", a student activist P Ajitha said. A Thiruvananthapuram-based woman Diya Sana also shared a picture of a topless woman holding "watermelon" to hide her breast.

The Pink Chaddi campaign was organised in response tot he attacks women in a pub in Mangaluru in 2009 by activists of rightwing fringe group Sri Ram Sene. Joining the protest, Rahna Fathima of Kochi, an actress and a model, allowed her open breasted pictures to surface on social media.

Students of a college in Kerala on Monday staged protests against the remarks made by an assistant professor, who claimed that "girls were dressing in an un-Islamic way", the Times of India reported.

Kozhikode: After Farook Training College professor's speech on breasts and watermelon triggered controversy and went viral on social media, a few women took to social media and posted their bare breasted pictures as a mode of protest. "So my husband and I posted pictures of me nude". "Although they wear a hijab, they expose some part of their chest, defeating the very objective of wearing them".

"Just because people may find my breasts attractive, doesn't mean they are entitled to violate me or my body", Arathy added. "They expose like how we cut a slice of melon to see whether it is ripe or not". They don't even wear the muftah. And they tie a scarf around their head, leaving a part of their chest, a body part that attracts men, exposed.

The speech was later uploaded to social media sites and netizens started criticising the teacher for his "Taliban-like comments". Image SourceAs reported by The News Minute, CA Jawahar, the principal of Farook Training college has denied receiving any complaints about the incident and said that the speech was delivered at a counselling session.

He is an Assistant Professor teaching at Farook Training College in Kozhikode.