Amazon debuts GameOn, a new cross-platform competitive game platform

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Amazon has announced a new series of flexible APIs for developers.

Millennial Esports' Eden Games, the developer behind some of the world's most successful racing franchises including V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited, uses Amazon GameOn to scale the size of the competitions they run in Gear.Club.

Gear.Club is now the only realistic racing game to integrate GameOn's set of flexible APIs and build real-world prizing into their competitions, which is another example of Millennial's successful implementation of a strategy to leverage a global competition model in bringing racing to the forefront of Esports.

Incidentally, competition creators can offer real world prizes to players if said prize is on Amazon.

Amazon has been testing GameOn with Millenial eSports' Eden Games, nWay, Mindstorm and other developers in games "ranging from casual to core across different genres", the company said. After that date, there is a free tier for the first six months of usage, then developers will pay $0.003 (Rs. 0.20) per play.

GameOn makes it easy for developers to add several features to games, including competitions that players can invite friends to, leaderboards for ranking players, leagues and tournaments.

According to a press release from Amazon, developers can use GameOn APIs for free until May 1, 2018. Although Amazon doesn't have its own gaming platform or hardware, GameOn could become popular with developers as a way to improve the playing experience. But the people who developed GameOn work closely with teams whose products are directed at game developers, Koopmans said, and she acknowledged that AWS is a brand name unto itself. "We built Amazon GameOn to give developers simple, yet powerful tools to foster community through competitive gameplay". The APIs allow developers to do matchmaking, leaderboards and in-game tournaments. GameOn looks to be another way that the company can help developers while simultaneously creating a new revenue stream.