Twitch Prime Subscribers Now Get Free PC Titles Every Month

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Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free games every month with Twitch's new Free Games With Prime program.

Unless Free Games with Prime deviates from Twitch's usual delivery method (the company's announcement blogpost was a bit light on details), you'll likely be required to install the Twitch Desktop App in order to access your monthly games.

Free Games with Prime starts with a selection of five games, both indie and mainstream, for PC owners to keep forever.

To be clear, free games aren't new to Twitch Prime.

The first five games are Superhot, Shadow Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep, Oxenfree and Mr Shifty. Oxenfree is another acclaimed game that focuses on narrative with lovely visuals and a dark story. The eight titles of the company's Indie Amplifier initiative will be given out over the next few months in the program, including victor Shadow Tactics and Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation.

Finally, the 2.5D beat 'em up Mr. Shifty makes its first appearance this month.

At this point, it's unclear the extent of this Twitch Prime program, especially considering how the users will be able to download the games, if only indie titles will be selected, how long this program will run or if players can get preference with their digital codes. As recently as last month, the streaming giant teamed up with Epic Games to hand out skins and other loot from free-to-play battle royale behemoth Fortnite.

Twitch Prime debuted in September 2016, and is actually a part of Amazon Prime, which goes for $13 per month or $99 per year.