YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to Android and iOS

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For the unaware, Dark Mode is a feature that essentially flips YouTube's normal white color scheme to one mostly composed of various shades of black and gray.

Unfortunately for fans of YouTube's mobile app, the feature was initially only available to desktop users.

Let us know if you see Dark Mode hit your YouTube app at some point! According to The Verge, a Dark Mode will now also come to the YouTube app for both iOS and Android. Although there is no way of making the app automatically switching between the dark and light themes depending on the time of the day, the addition of the new dark theme will be welcomed by many. For months now we've been expecting a new dark mode to go live for YouTube, and while Google's not quite ready to push the button on dark-mode YouTube for Android, the feature is currently heading out to iOS users. However, much like how a simple cup-holder in a vehicle can make or break a sale, a dark theme will prove a popular addition to the YouTube mix.

Having a dark theme has its advantages.

A lot of people who aren't subscribed to a music streaming service like Google Play Music or Spotify like listening and discovering new tracks on YouTube.