Witnesses try to stop hit-and-run driver who slammed into parked cars

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Witnesses captured a wild scene in Miami Sunday after a hit-and-run crash. In the end, however, he makes it out of the scene only to be found by the police later.

It was at that point that people gathered around again, with some trying to pry open the auto doors, with one man screaming "Don't move", while others snapped pictures of the Infiniti's license plate.

Two people then approached the driver, shouting and banging on the window. They attempt to pull the man from his vehicle, and one even screams, "Don't move".

But cops warned others not to repeat the actions of the vigilante drivers who ganged up on the SUV should they find themselves in a similar situation, and dial 911 instead.

The driver remains obstinate in his resolve to leave and refuses to budge from the auto.

One of the first two men to confront him then snaps the door-handle off his crocked auto, while a long-haired man smashes every one of the Infiniti's windows with a sledgehammer.

The was no immediate information about the charges the driver may be facing and why the SUV was apparently trying to flee the crash scene.

Video shows the shocking moment that a bystander got a sledge hammer from his van and started smashing the windows of an SUV as the driver was trying to flee the scene of a multi-car wreck.

But police said Lagutenko failed to stop and the officer backed off because of the Miami Police Department's no-chase policy for non-violent crimes.

Dramatic video footage shows the crumpled silver Infiniti SUV attempting to escape after slamming into six cars in Miami Saturday.

ABC affiliated Local 10 News reported the accounts of an eyewitness present at the scene.

"That is insane. You have a crash, you stop", said witness Anthony Jimenez, who drove by after the incident took place.

The arrest report added that Lagutenko failed to stop at the crash scene and continued traveling northbound in the southbound lanes along Biscayne Boulevard.

However, Jimenez conceded that taking out a sledgehammer might have crossed the line.