Video shows fatal courtroom shooting

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The short, but intense clip, shows defendant Siale Angilau trying to attack a witness at his 2014 trial with a pen.

Salt Lake City's U.S. District Court released courtroom video of the 2014 shooting on Monday, almost four years after the 25-year-old defendant was shot four times.

Dowdell granted the summary judgment Friday and dismissed the plaintiff's excessive force lawsuit.

Angilau's family first filed the wrongful death lawsuit in 2014 - claiming he shouldn't have been shot because it was 'partially unreasonable, reckless and constitutionally excessive.

He said: 'Angilau was in custody, but he essentially had escaped custodial control for those seconds during which he was executing his plan to assault the witnesses.

The unidentified United States marshal was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly after the shooting and a review board found the use of force was within agency policy. He said the video shows that the marshal "panicked" and should have used other methods to subdue Angilau.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa", someone yells as the witness, another gang member who is shackled and chained, manages to retreat into a corner of the courtroom.

He told the News: 'Those last three shots were all after he's been shot once down on the ground in the back, and that's the problem I have with this case.

Dowdell said it was clear that Angilau's actions necessitated the marshal's deadly response and that Angilau's rights were not violated.

THIS shocking footage reveals the moment a Crips gang member is shot dead in court after launching at a witness with a pen. "His attack was stopped by the shots that Jane Doe rapidly fired, in less than one and one-half seconds".

Dowdell's rulings represented mixed results for the U.S. Department of Justice and the Angilau family.

They were allowed to view the video but not release it.

While Angilau's family decides if they will appeal the decision, their attorney is happy the public will at least see the video.

According to CBS News, Angilau was one of 17 people listed in a 2010 indictment accusing Tongan Crip members of assault, conspiracy, robbery, and various weapons offenses. Faces of the marshal and jurors are blurred to obscure their identities.

A mistrial was declared after the shooting.

The media coalition including the AP fought for several years with government attorneys to have the video released publicly, arguing that the shooting raised questions about police use of force and upholding the principle of open courts.