Up to 1K children abused UK's 'worst ever' scandal

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Three girls are reported to have been murdered by paedophiles who are estimated to have abused hundreds of victims in Telford, Shropshire.

Keith Osmund-Smith, a police chaplain, was suspended after he passed papers to the newspaper and a report commissioned by the council revealed social workers knew of the sex crimes in 2000 and earlier.

Despite the horrors of high-profile sex rings in Rochdale and Rotherham gaining national attention, authorities in Telford repeatedly failed to address the pedophile rings rife within the their own community.

In a statement the council insisted it acts on every report of abuse it receives.

When police finally investigated the problem, they identified over 100 potential victims between 2007 and 2009 and said there could be 200 perpetrators. The sentences added up to 49 years, seven years each on average. And some ended up dead. Their house was set on fire.

Cabbie Mehmood targeted Lucy in 1997 and she was just 14 when she gave birth to his daughter.

But he was never arrested nor charged in connection with any child sex crimes over his illegal relationship with the schoolgirl.

According to The Mirror, the killings were used to threaten other victims and pressure them to keep quiet.

Mr Lowe and his sister, Edna Jackson, also told how Lucy became "unruly" after getting together with Mehmood, often truanting from her school - where the family were later told taxis would congregate to pick up pupils. "I thought they'd only be safe if I killed myself".

Rebecca Watson was 13 when she died in March 2002 after falling from the bonnet of a vehicle near her youth club, in what driver Ahmed Nawaz claimed was a "prank" which went tragically wrong.

'Barnardo's would support a public inquiry to understand what went wrong so the same mistakes are never made again.

The sex gangs targetted girls as young as 11 since the 1980s. "Girls like Becky were treated like criminals", she told the newspaper. I was going into the doctors and the youth sexual help clinic perhaps twice a week and no one questioned anything.

Telford's Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports "extremely serious and shocking". "If Becky's abuse had been properly investigated by the authorities, more girls could have been saved from going through this hell".

"Tackling such horrific offences is the number one priority for police in Telford and we have not only increased officer numbers to tackle this type of offending, but use all of our resources and technology available to prosecute anyone who sexually offends against children whether that offending took place today, yesterday, or decades ago", said Martin Evans, assistant chief constable for West Mercia Police.