United States to remain No. 1 market for S. Korean defense products

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This image released on March 5, 2018, by the North Korean Official News Service (KCNA), shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meeting with South Korean officials in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Mr Trump said last week that he had accepted an offer to meet with Mr Kim - an agreement that would make him the first sitting United States president to meet face-to-face with a North Korean leader. North Korean media have reported the South Korean visit, but no details of the talks.

Under fire for agreeing to talks with North Korea, the White House responded by warning that no summit would occur unless Pyongyang took "concrete actions" over its nuclear program.

Mattis was among the advisers in the White House on Thursday when Trump chose to accept Kim's offer to meet. This is why the world looks forward to the meeting between US President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un this coming May.

Blaney said the United States should collaborate with countries in the region although some are concerned that Moscow could hinder Washington's efforts to reach a nuclear deal with North Korea. In that time, they say, North Korea could add to its nuclear weapons stockpile.

"I feel they're approaching this matter with caution and they need time to organise their stance".

"As long as all parties can focus on the fundamental goal of denuclearisation, peace and stability, the Korean peninsula will finally usher in the spring, when ice will thaw and flowers will bloom", Xi said.

"It's very early stages". Nobody has yet suggested that she met the veteran Kim Yong-chol, although his visit to South Korea takes on renewed significance now that we know what has ensued.

WASHINGTON-The United States says it will not impose more conditions on North Korea before a summit of the two nations' leaders, beyond the North's promise not to resume nuclear and missile tests or publicly criticize U.S.

While Suh returns to Seoul, Chung is set to make a two-day trip to Moscow to consult Russian officials.

Another spot in South Korea that has been raised as an option is scenic Jeju Island, off the southern coast, easily accessed by either boat or airplane from the Korean peninsula. They also said Mr Kim would allow US-South Korean military exercises to continue in the months before the meeting, which was originally slated for May.

Korean stocks ended higher Monday as reports of strong USA job numbers boosted investor sentiment.

"We all agreed that we're optimistic about this opportunity, but we're determined, we're determined to keep up the campaign of maximum pressure until we see words matched with deeds and a real progress toward denuclearization", McMaster said.