Trump gets invite to see California high-speed rail projects

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Immigrant activists, church leaders and local elected officials are calling for demonstrations to show President Donald Trump that border communities oppose his plans to build a towering wall on the California-Mexico line.

He said that California's "prosperity is not built on isolation".

"In the call on February 20, (Peña Nieto) strongly reiterated what all Mexicans have always said: we will never pay, in any form, for a wall on theborder", Videgaray posted on Twitter.

Trump gets invite to see California high-speed rail projects
Trump gets invite to see California high-speed rail projects

Trump's visit on Tuesday is scheduled to focus on a review near San Diego of prototypes for his promised border wall, followed by a Beverly Hills fundraiser for the Republican National Committee.

"I mean, frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California, you would have a crying mess like you've never seen in California", Trump said weeks ago, warning there would be "crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country".

Last month, Peña Nieto canceled plans to visit Washington after another phone call with Trump during which the US president reportedly lost his temper.

California is also where the Trump administration has erected the prototypes for its proposed border wall - and it is that site that will be the main focus of Trump's excursion to the Left Coast.

"You have lamented that "we don't have one fast train" in our country", Brown wrote in a Monday letter to Trump. We are already putting 1,700 Americans to work.

"Well Mr. President, in California we are trying to fix that".

"Under this premise, we will continue working constructively on the bilateral relationship with the United States". "We invite you to come aboard and truly 'Make America Great Again, '" the letter said. State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, called Trump's first visit to California, only to see prototype border walls, "shameless" and called on state Democrats to "ramp up the pressure".