Spotify Enlists Its Users to Add Music Metadata

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The company has announced a new feature, Line-In, where customers can add to the streaming service's metadata, correcting or adding to songs' current genres.

As of December 2017, Spotify had 159 million users, 71 million of whom were paying subscribers, according to company data, making it the world's most popular music streaming service, followed by Apple Music with 36 million subscribers.

"Listeners describe music in different ways, and understanding that information will help improve, extend, and confirm the information that describes music on Spotify", a Spotify spokesperson explained to Variety.

After this trial, the Premium tier costs 59.99 South African Rand a month - equivalent to around United States $5. Clicking a ✓ indicates your confirmation of that data, and clicking the ✕ tells us that data is incorrect.

Last week, Calcalist reported that Spotify was planning to launch its service in Israel on Monday.

Once users have accessed the Line-In web interface, they can make suggestions about the song's genre, mood, and other attributes. They also check to see on how accurate your past suggestions have been. New edits will also be checked before becoming official. For instance, Line-In includes a number or surveys to test a submitter's music knowledge.

Spotify is the first music service of its size to launch a tool like Line In - but the move is consistent with the emphasis the company has put on data in the past.