Please Don't Compare A Wrinkle In Time To Black Panther

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The United States is probably more divided now than it ever has been, so it's refreshing to see Ryan Coogler paying tribute to another director who is making groundbreaking art that spotlights what's going on in our culture.

And the Black Panther director did not hold back: "Ava DuVernay is someone who makes the impossible look easy". The two have known each other since 2013, but Coogler maintains that it feels a lot longer than that, and as previously noted, he calls DuVernay his big sister.

He goes on to talk about her career as an admired and respected publicist in Hollywood before bursting onto the scene as a director with her award-winning film Selma. DuVernay created that series in 2016, two years before inclusion riders became part of the national conversation, as Coogler points out.

Ryan Coogler's Black Panther is one of the highest grossing movies of all time, a feat that it accomplished in nearly exactly one month.

"Sometimes I forget she is human, ' the 31-year-old wrote on ESPN " s website on Friday. "She makes the most distant dreams and ideas a reality", he wrote. By then she had written, produced and directed two awesome films, about black women finding hope while experiencing grief and loss, all while maintaining a production and distribution company to finance and distribute underserved independent films made by women and people of color.

Then she infused the love she had for her father, and her mother who is still with us, into the handsome film "A Wrinkle in Time".

A month after Black Panther showcased black excellence in the form of a superhero movie, A Wrinkle in Time is hoping to do the same through a beloved American children's novel.

But above all, it's a film about a little black girl with glasses - like my mom, like my wife, like my big sister Ava - who refuses to accept that her dad is lost.

Check out the full letter over at ESPNW.

Despite its lackluster opening, "A Wrinkle in Time" helped make history at the box office this weekend.