Low-priced 3D-Printed Home Will Help Overcome Housing Shortages

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For this venture, ICON is collaborating with New Story, a California-based non-profit that describes itself as a "non-profit working to create a world where no human being lives in survival mode". ICON also intends to build homes in the US.

It's eventually going to move the printer to El Salvador where it's going to create a community of around 100 homes printed using these materials.

With 3D printing emerging throughout the construction industry, the technology is becoming a groundbreaking production tool for affordable and sustainable housing.

Technology startup Icon thinks that one day, 3-D printed homes could populate swaths of the United States.

ICON has introduced a new method of producing homes with a massive 3D printer. On the outside, the 3D-printed house looks like common buildings there're a unique covered patio and spacious windows.

While the company's main objective is to help reverse the global housing crisis, it also plans to build community-wide buy-in through the creation of manufacturing jobs that utilize local labor in those impoverished areas.

Together, ICON and New Story are 3D printing homes using a cement mixture. "3D printing had been our on radar but it wasn't until we got connected to ICON that we felt it would be a feasible possibility".

The home was presented very recently, in March 2018, in Austin, Texas, and the printer is now packaged for the developing world. "It's much cheaper than the typical American home", ICON co-founder Jason Ballard told The Verge.

There are other groups which are working on printing houses.

3D-printing has become more accessible all around the globe, however, the of adoption of any large-scale utilization of 3D-printing technology is still a challenge.