Katy Perry Surprises 'American Idol' Contestant with First Kiss

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With American Idol now on America's network, ABC, it was time to get things started with the American Idol 2018 auditions. While the judges originally decided Bultongez didn't have an artistic identity after he sang James Bay's "Let It Go", Richie felt guilty and wound up changing his vote to "yes".

"Something that I never imagined could've happened to me", says Julica.

The new season of American Idol kicked off Sunday night with contestants singing, hoping to make it to the next round. The average viewership for Fox's final season was 9.4 million viewers.

Little Dyxie came in with her older sister, Layla Spring, for a bit of a duet that earned her a golden ticket of her own.for 2026! She called this a "pinch me" kind of moment that ended with three "yes" votes and that shiny golden ticket to Hollywood. The judges were delighted to send him through. I'm really excited by her potential on this show, and I can see her doing well.

The other showcased contestants from NY include Maddie Poppe, who sings The Muppet Movie song "Rainbow Connection", and gets three yeses for her "storyteller voice"; and Koby, a 26-year-old musical theater performer from Denver, who belts perhaps the longest, loudest vocal run in Idol history.

(Radio.com) Nineteen-year-old Benjamin Glaze got more than he bargained for when he appeared on American Idol.

"I've known Ryan now for nearly 16 years". She has such a mature and developed voice. Where other shows, including The Four, Fox's Idol replacement, throw singers in front of a studio audience right away, Idol auditions dispense with the hubbub and introduce us to the talent pool before hair, make-up and ill-advised song suggestions get in the way. The judges were going gaga over Alyssa - and for good reason. "She don't want you bein' nice, boy!" he barked.

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"What an incredibly handsome woman you've grown into". Who else are you looking forward to seeing in future rounds?