Clinton on Trump-Putin ties

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Clinton suggested that the portion of the USA she won represents portions of the country that are thriving economically.

"So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward", Clinton said.

Somewhere in the last day or two I happened across an article online somewhere speculating that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee again in 2020, because she's the ultimate victim (of Russian hacking, Trump's mendacity, whatever), and since the Democrats prize victimhood as the highest credential these days, she's the obvious standard bearer.

"Make America Great Again" was looking backwards", she told attendees at India Today: Conclave 2018.

"No, we didn't deserve that", Clinton said.

Clinton, who has served as a first lady, senator, and secretary of state during her political career, said the onus is on voters to separate what they might see are entertaining qualities about a candidate and what the candidate would be able to accomplish if he or she is elected.

Clinton took a bitter tone as she talked about the electoral map and the various regions of the United States that voted for her and Trump.

She made clear later in the discussion that she did not know where the special counsel's investigation into Russian election meddling and possible coordination with Trump's team is likely to lead. She also cited racism against Indians in her explanation to an Indian audience. She seems to say Trump was providing an outlet for these people. It's one thing to suggest they were perhaps prejudiced, but Clinton says they didn't even want black people to have civil rights or women to work outside the home.

"Trump does have quite an affinity for dictators", Clinton said.