Survive A Dangerous Alien World In Planet Alpha On Nintendo Switch

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Team 17 has announced Planet Alpha, the latest game under its steadily growing publishing umbrella.

Planet Alpha surfaced in 2013 as a side project of then IO Interactive employee Adrian Lazar.

Promising fast platforming action, puzzles, and stealth mechanics, players will have to explore the world and uncover the ability to rotate and control the planet. Prior to his departure from IO, Lazar assisted on the development of Hitman (2017), Hitman: Absolution, and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. Since leaving in 2015 he's been working on this game with a small team to support him along the way. "I can not wait to share our creation with the world".

The game looks quite unique so hopefully it'll live up to expectations when it launches later this year.

Debbie Bestwick, Team17's CEO adds: "At their best video games can take us to different worlds on wonderful journeys". As mentioned earlier, Planet Alpha does not have a release date, although its Steam page has revealed that the game is anticipating a Q3 release. The world that Adrian and his team have made is one that I want to spend time in.

What do you think of Planet Alpha? Planet Alpha is due out for all major platforms later on in 2018, and we'll keep you updated with future details and impressions of it as they come.