Rick Pitino linked to UGA opening

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Pitino, of course, had a very successful run at Kentucky, so taking the Georgia job would be a return to the SEC and bring another big name coach to the conference.

Pitino was sacked by Louisville as a result of the FBI's investigation into college basketball in September.

Despite a reputation that is tattered like a wind-whipped flag in some dusty West Texas ghost town, Rick Pitino still wants to coach basketball.

"Every night I go to bed, I'm bitter at the US Attorney's office and at the Board of Traitors at Louisville".

"Every night I go to bed, I'm bitter at the USA attorney's office and at the "board of traitors" at Louisville", Pitino said. The former head coach has hired agent Jordan Bazant and is ready to not leave the game in a bitter mode. "I've been assassinated by the Southern district of NY without any wiretap or shred of evidence, and the University of Louisville". According to ESPN, Pitino wants to coach again, whether it's in college or the National Basketball Association. Once the news cam out, within a month, Pitino was sacked. Pitino was sacked from Louisville on October 16, 2017 due to the school's involvement in a pay-for-play scandal.

"The level (in college) doesn't matter to me", Pitino said in the ESPN story. He was ultimately fired in October after being implicated in an alleged "pay for play" scheme involving a relationship with Adidas wherein he supposedly directed payments to top recruits. The program is the first in modern NCAA history to vacate a national championship. Pitino admitted to having sex with her in a Louisville restaurant.