Mario navigates trips in latest Google Map update

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Munish Dabas, an engineer at Google Maps, wrote in a blog post: "To get started, you'll need to first update your app from Google Play or the App Store. To celebrate our favorite mustachioed plumber-turned-racer on his special day-MAR10 Day-we've collaborated with the team at Nintendo to let Mario accompany you on all of your driving adventures on Google Maps this week".

Starting Saturday, Mario Time is an available feature when using Google Maps' navigation function on the latest iOS and Android app version.

A partnership between Google and Nintendo has brought loved gaming character Mario to Google Maps, to help you find your way all this week and celebrate Super Mario Day.

The feature only lasts for a week, so enjoy Mario Time while you can.

Given that Google teased this feature by showing those trademark bananas on a city street, there's some debate regarding whether or not this navigation icon switch is the full extent of the features this update provides. We can only hope there isn't some hidden blue shell waiting to knock you off your navigational path.

The Japanese game company is now working on Mario Kart Tour, a mobile game whose exact release date is yet to be revealed. This is in partnership with the game developer, Nintendo. The only thing we can say for sure is that Mario Kart Tour should be released sometime between April 2018 and March 2019 according to fiscal projections.