Android Wear rebranding underway it seems, get ready for Wear OS

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Rebranding Android Wear would no doubt help put the focus back on Google's smartwatch platform.

I'm guessing Google will formally introduce Wear OS this coming May at Google I/O, and while I don't anticipate any hardware announcements at that time, I'm hoping and praying for a Pixel Watch this October alongside the Pixel 3. The name is called "Wear OS" and hints at a re-branding of Google's smartwatch OS. In this way, Wear OS makes more sense than the current Android Wear nomenclature.

The LG Watch Style - one of the first devices to feature Android Wear 2.0.

The discovery was made by a Redditor using the "Nearby" feature of Google Play Services.

If you're an iPhone owner, the word Android generally means something isn't compatible with your phone.

For a while now, we've heard reports about the shrinking Android smartwatch market.

Apart from the new name and logo, little else is known about the new Wear OS at present.

With Google Lens Android users can now create contacts by just scanning a business card, get a location by identifying a landmark or even search up a particular thing like an actor or something by just scanning their image.

The new changes appeared after H3x0n installed the latest beta of Google Play services, so they're likely to appear for everyone who installs this beta version. The reason for this is probably due to neutrality, same reason that Android Pay was rebranded to Google Pay which is because Android Pay could be used on Apple phones.