Switch Owners will get an Outdated Version of Payday 2

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The confirmation comes after a thread on Reddit, titled "Please do not buy Payday 2 for Switch". The PS4, and Xbox One versions' latest update was the Master Plan (released towards the end of 2017), which is still behind the PC version but ahead of Switch.

In a statement to Polygon, publisher Starbreeze Studios clarified some details on the upcoming release of Payday 2 on the Nintendo Switch, which is set to arrive later this week in Europe and at the end of the month for the United States on the system.

In other words, the Switch version is running an update that's over eight-months-old, making it the oldest build. Nintendo's support for the 3DS - which debuted in 2011 - is slowing down as it focuses on the home console/portable hybrid Switch, which has been a big success for Nintendo since launching in March 2017. But, considering their track record with the PS4 and Xbox One versions, Switch owners may have to wait for several months for the updates. There are future content updates planned for Switch, as well.

One of the things that make Nintendo Switch great is the unique and interactive way of playing games.

That said, though, it won't be updated with all its downloadable content right off the bat.

Ignoring the fact that it's impressive Payday 2 will be ported to the switch, it is disappointing that it will be the least updated version of the game, trailing behind consoles that trail behind the PC.

Also, Starbreeze refrained from talking more about the updates or even failed to give a timeline for updates, leaving everyone hopeful that they would come up with more details as the game releases. The title offers a total of 50 heists, 17 playable characters, 190 weapons and 280 masks.