'Time-Traveller' from 2030 'reveals' date humans will reach Mars

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A "TIME traveller" who claims he is from 2030 has passed a lie-detector test while revealing a number of weirdly specific predictions about the future.

He says his mission is to tell those alive now what the world has in store, and says he has risked his life to travel back in time.

Many cancers will be cured and technology will be able to independently run a home.

"'When I was in junior high and I was a time traveller, I had to take these pills to make sure I don't grow old while time travelling".

Noah previously told the Paranormal Elite Youtube channel that he is actually 50 years old but an age-rejuvenating drug turned him back into a 25-year-old, according to The Daily Mirror.

In the interview, broadcast on Sydney radio station KIIS 1065, Noah claimed that in the future a woman called Ilana Remikee will become U.S. president of the United States when she is aged just 21.

He said that North America is hotter due to global warming issues while Europe is colder.

2028 will also be the same year that time travel is made public, apparently.

Of course, his claims have attracted scepticism.

The presenter notes that lie detector tests aren't 100 per cent correct.

In the footage from ApexTV the would-be oracle is seen sitting on a chair with what appears to be a polygraph lie detector wrapped around his bicep.

Some of Noah's other outlandish claims on the show include that it will be possible to design your own babies in the future.

When asked by the interviewer during the test if he was "an actual time traveller from the year 2030", he replies: "Yes". However, the results on the machine are not shown.

Once again, the word "TRUE" appears on screen again.

Noah predicts that Donald Trump will win a second term in the White House, which could become reality in just over two years, with the U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 3, 2020.

A self-confessed depression and anorexia sufferer, Noah said that 2028 would be the year that private organisations admit to the world that time travel is real, after knowing about it since 2003.

"2030 is not that far off so what was the name of the president he gave?"

"You can see Noah fidgeting around with the monitors strapped around his fingers and I myself know from first hand experience that when you take a lie detector test you are supposed to sit back and remain completely still".