Kendall Jenner dragged into palimony lawsuit filed by Blake Griffin's ex-girlfriend

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Everyone talks about Blake Griffin's current relationship with Kendall Jenner, but people forget that he basically ditched his ex and baby mama, Brynn Cameron, who he was with on and off for eight years, to be with the model. According to Cameron, that break-up came a week before their wedding, and was the result of her refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement that she says she didn't sign because it violated a pact they made in 2013.

Yesterday Brynn Cameron - who shares two children with the Detroit Pistons player - filed a palimony suit against the sportsman accusing him of leaving her "high and dry" for Kendall.

Kendall Jenner's rumoured relationship with Blake Griffin seemed to be all but confirmed this week, after she was named in a lawsuit against the basketballer.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Griffin should pay up for "cruelly embarrassing his family with his public fawning over Kendall Jenner".

"Griffin did not know how to handle confrontations and would go silent when things did not go his way".

"Griffin cared more about the glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and family man", the suit added.

But Cameron filed documents of her own, also seeking joint custody but asking the judge to establish child support based on Griffin's annual salary, the Blast reported.

Blake's ex is reportedly looking for millions in the suit, but an exact number is not known at this time.

The baby mama of Blake Griffin doesn't give a hoot if she was never married to the National Basketball Association baller - she thinks she deserves some financial support!

He missed his daughter's second birthday in November but was seen out in New York City with Jenner.

The two began dating through Griffin's first year in the National Basketball Association and Cameron claims she was a source of support for him after he injured himself.

The suit claims that Cameron and their two kids are homeless and strapped for cash relying on her brother for money.

Blake then called off the wedding 1 week before the date - and Blake sent a note to guests saying, "Brynn and I take this commitment to each other seriously and want to ensure it is done in the right way".