Facebook's Messenger Kids Arrives on Android

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Facebook Messenger Kids is controversial as the app encourages kids to get involved in social media and certain groups of the society are so outraged by the company's move to involve more and more kids into it's range.

The app provides to kids a way to text or video chat with their friends and family while offering all of the visual fun of GIFs, frames, emojis and masks.

Facebook's latest controversy, Messenger Kids, has just launched on Android after first arriving on iOS several weeks ago.

Today, many young children use mom or dad's hand-me-down Android smartphone as their gaming device, or an Android tablet. To interact with other children, both the parents must have Messenger Kids authenticated and installed on their kids' devices.

The question parents are asking themselves, however, is whether they should. Some child development experts have already called on Facebook to shut down the app. The Messenger Kids app also doesn't require the child to have a Facebook account, instead linking it to the parent's account. This is what people don't seem to understand. The app lets parents monitor who their kids interact with and keep track of their online activity.

However, child development experts, health advocacy groups and educators still think that Messenger Kids is not flawless by any means.

However, for those parents who have chosen to use the app, the feedback so far has been positive.

The app is still live in the Apple App Store and went live in the Amazon Appstore a short time later. Now, the company has chose to launch this application for the Android users as well and this application has been made available on the Google Play Store.