Aussies to spend $528m this Valentine's Day

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Have you ever wondered why roses are so popular during Valentine's Day or even why the tradition exists?

"But it's our biggest day of the year".

Roses wait to be picked for Valentine's Day arrangements at Janie's Country Florist in Bristol, Virginia. Top floral retailer 1-800-Flowers, for instance, charges more than four times the cost of the local supermarket to have them shipped and delivered.

Mr Heathorn said the heat at this this time of year made it hard to grow flowers and keep roses.

Australians spent more than $23 million on Valentine's Day a year ago, new data from Commonwealth Bank reveals, and tomorrow's outlay is expected to be even greater.

"It's bad for us but it's a good sign that Valentine's is going to be good", Melton said. The site answers frequently asked questions, such as why the price of roses are higher on Valentine's Day; how to get the most for your money; and how the weather affects the supply of flowers.

"The recipient is a insane fishing guy so his wife thought she'd put them in a bouquet", Mrs Swift said.

"Overall, men spend more than women, buying up 83 per cent of all flowers purchased on Valentine's Day, and footing 70 per cent of all restaurant bills". The more innovative generations prefer carnations, red orchids etc.

IF THERE's one thing we know, it's that roses don't come cheap.

"(The clubs) have been helping us for five or six years at Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day", he said.

As Valentine's Day approaches, a florist's schedule can be wrapped up in one word, used multiple times.

"People the world over associate it with love and this being the "Month of Love" as February is commonly referred to, our annual industry bottom line is reaping from this glory", he said. When Valentine's Day on Wednesday people are less likely have other plans, but they still have to show something. Flower distributors then pick them up, getting them a step closer to delivery. It features 61 full-size keys, 400 high-quality tones and 150 built-in rhythms to ensure you have all the tools you need to create a lovely musical number for the one you love.

Although once Valentine's Day is here, they are usually reminded about the amount of energy it takes to get through it. They've partnered with FTD to provide florist-designed gifts available for hand delivery on the day you order them. Americans are expected to spend billions on February 14. She says most buy single roses or small bouquets and the occasional teddy bear or balloon to go with it.

The shop ordered approximately 7,000 red and multi-colored roses for the occasion and hired an additional 20 drivers to help with their 700 local deliveries.