Arizona woman shot in Las Vegas attack to leave hospital

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Jovanna was transported via helicopter to Phoenix on October 19 where she received treatment from the Barrow Neurological Institute. I am not going to live my life in fear because of what happened to me. "She walked away, and I called her mom and said we're keeping Jovanna alive, she's gonna be alright". "Even though I will not be the same old Jovanna, I will come back stronger".

Las Vegas shooting victim Jovanna Calzadillas was joined by her husband Fracisco Calzadillas for a press conference to discuss her miraculous recovery after being shot in the head. They were celebrating his recent return from an Air Force deployment in Afghanistan. Authorities say gunman Stephen Paddock killed himself after firing on a crowd attending an outdoor country music festival from his room on the 32nd floor of a resort, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds of others. Three doctors told her husband there was nothing they could do and she had a "non-survivable injury".

Staff also asked if his wife, on life support at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, would want her organs donated. In Jovanna's case, family support has played a large role in her incredible recovery.

So Calzadillas' family instead made plans to fly her back to Phoenix for medical care closer to home.

"I love walking on the exoskeleton", says Jovanna.

The bullet damaged the area of Jovanna's brain that controls language. This led to Calzadillas becoming more responsive. Two weeks later, she could drink from a cup on her own and eat ice cream. The bullet, which landed in the middle of her brain, will not be removed. She will immediately begin outpatient rehab.

"The first word she said was 'god d*** it.' And her dad told her, 'Mija, don't say that. You're supposed to be the miracle child'". "She has made wonderful and unpredictable strides because she not only had access to great medical care but also because her family is one-of-a-kind", says Dr. Kwasnica. The couple's 11-year-old son told Frank he hoped his mom would still be in a wheelchair so they could skip lines at the amusement park.

In a press conference, the petite brunette joked, "I feel strong and positive, plus I get to boss my husband around".

"The very first thing she remembers when she woke up was panic because she couldn't talk".

Calzadillas will be doing out-patient therapy now. She is determined to do it for however long it takes to regain her strength and mobility.