Big 'flash' seen in the skies over part of MI and beyond

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There were several reports of a flashing light in the sky and a loud "boom" noise Tuesday evening after SE Wisconsin and MI residents recorded what officials say may have been a meteor.

Lansing-area dispatchers were fielding calls about the phenomenon around 8:20 p.m., and the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids also received calls.

Emergency officials for Ingham County say there have been a flood of 911 calls, but say there is no need to call because "it's a natural meteor fireball". "If people heard a noise, it's common for bolides as they're streaking across the sky to make a whistling sound" he says.

The American Meteor Society's website was "overloaded" after the celestial event.

The event appeared to have been north in MI. Server is getting overloaded. "We'll be back asap, check back soon", the crashed site reads.

Michigan State Police also seem convinced the incident was a meteor, and confirmed that the light and boom were at least not the result of any airplane activity.