University has 'no grounds' to expel student sex offender: provost

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This after the Kamloops provincial court heard Neurauter had a relationship with a 13-year-old girl on Snapchat and threatened to show nude photos of her with family, according to Kamloops This Week.

He then threatened to release the nude photos to her family if she did not keep their relationship a secret.

He did not say whether Neurauter would return to campus eventually, but mentioned that management was working with the student to "come to a resolution that respects all involved".

"This is important, because our policies do not apply to activity that occurred before the person was a member of our campus community", the school stated.

"It's part of our ongoing dialogue with him", Marshall said.

But some are saying the punishment is not enough, as a petition has been launched to expel the sophomore.

"What that policy does say, is that if the university becomes aware that a student has committed a sexual offence, they can be expelled", said Casswell.

He said Neurauter has not been on campus since Tuesday, and has been advised not to return for the remainder of the term.

"The university is reviewing the situation".

However, the statement goes on to state that Neurauter isn't now on campus.

He said the university does not condone sexual violence or put the rights of convicted felons over the safety of its students - but that's exactly what they are doing by not immediately expelling Neurauter.

"It discourages victims from coming forward as perpetrators are accommodated and their actions are excused for the sake of not impeding their 'potential'".

As for any threats provoked by the controversy, Marshall said, "there have been discussions on social media, but there have been no direct threats the university has seen".

Ahead of the decision from U of C, an expert who works with survivors of sexual violence said the judge's decision sends a message that victims may not be taken seriously.

The victim's mother wanted Neurauter expelled from the college.

"He made the decision to go to school well after this had taken place just in effort to get his life on track".

The administration made the comment Thursday in the face of a petition signed by a growing number of people that calls for the expulsion of Connor Neurauter. "I was there", she said.

In interviews with Postmedia and CBC News, the victim's mother said Neurauter was given special treatment by the courts throughout the trial and that it's unfair he has the opportunity to finish his semester before going to jail. She said many adjournments and delays were granted to Neurauter to adjust his hockey and school schedules. "He's very remorseful ... he's learned his lesson".

"It's been two years - all of these court dates extended, extended, extended", she told the Calgary Sun.

U of C student and former sex assault victim Mandy Gillis said she's alarmed that the university is allowing a convicted sex offender to finish his studies on campus.

Marshall also says that other incidents at schools across Canada have emphasized the importance of such policies.