TiVo's DVRs Now Support Alexa & Google Assistant

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Last year's Echo Show turned a lot of heads, which offered a bit of an interface to the otherwise faceless Alexa platform that Amazon has built.

The growing rivalry between Amazon and Google in the battle for virtual assistant dominance intensified at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

Amazon's personal digital assistant is poised to hitch a ride on Toyota and Lexus cars. For instance, a driver assisted by Alexa can get things going while on the way home. The company will also roll out Assistant to more Android TVs including AirTV Player, Bouygues Telecom, LG U+, TCL, Skyworth and Xiaomi. Again, we don't have specific United Kingdom pricing just yet, but will update this when we do. The Lenovo Smart Display also has a camera, which has a physical lens cover, to be used for intercom communication, video feeds facilitated through Nest, or likely other Wi-Fi cameras, and even video calls carried out through Google Duo integration.

From the back though, there's an angular wedge shape to the base to help keep it upright. JBL comes in second, with their Link View Smart Display. The latter is particularly interesting - the button physically blocks the camera shutter, so the privacy-conscious can guarantee that the camera can't be hacked to record them. Sporting a tiny DLP projector that spits images onto its full colour see-through display, the Blade's uses waveguide optics to project a tiny display onto the right lens of some surprisingly normal-looking glasses. Google's attendance at CES shows just how seriously it's taking digital assistance. Apparently, the previous implementation was just a simpler voice search.

What are they using the devices for? The coffee maker is 1050 watts with a large capacity of 42.6-ounce glass carafe with a stainless-steel design, a delay timer, and a vibrant display.

Naturally, everything works neatly through your Google account, pulling through contacts from your phone and video recommendations from your YouTube account.

While they did not reveal which models will be getting it first, most people believe that the Lexus NX could be one of the first to get the app since it does come with EnForm 2.0. The device is also quite intuitive.

It's worth noting that despite appearances, this isn't tablet, and it isn't running Android.

What we have seen is impressive though.

CES 2018 kicked off a few days ago, and already fans have noticed that Google and Amazon are locked in a battle for smart devices that are powered by Google Assistant and Alexa. Google's long-term aim seems to be about making it possible for Assistant users to purchase things online, which remains a unique selling point for Amazon's Alexa.