Star Wars: Rivals is an upcoming third person shooter

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Lucasfilm and Disney have just announced the upcoming availability of Star Wars: Rivals, the "first real-time Star Wars competitive action shooter for mobile devices".

Disney continues to capitalize on the Star Wars franchise and what better way to keep fans entertained than another Star Wars mobile game.

Preregister on Android at the Google Play store or download it from the App Store if you're on iOS.

Players will battle it out in familiar surroundings like the Death Star and Jakku. You can even play as Jyn Erso or Director Krennic from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You'll pick a team of heroes and bring them into battle with you against a real opponent. Players can unlock rare Heroes including popular characters like Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, and Poe Dameron, each with different traits in the game.

Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader.

Battles involve strategically dashing from cover to cover as you trade fire with your opponent.

Master Iconic Weapons and Special Abilities: Rule the playing field with powerful weapons like Chewbaccas bowcaster, Han Solos DL-44 pistol, and Boba Fetts EE-3 carbine rifle.

Enlist in a Guild: Strategize with guildmates to climb the Arena leaderboards and claim Credits, Data Tapes, and Reward Crates to unlock featured Heroes and level up characters in your roster.

Android players who pre-register for Star Wars: Rivals on Google Play will get a special bonus: exclusive access to death trooper support units. For players on iOS, they will get exclusive access to Rebel Special Forces support units when the game launches. You can fight on a variety of planets, including Bespin, Scarif, Jakku, and the Death Star, and joining a faction will allow you to get increased damage, health, etc.

The game actually came out on iOS last December, but is only now coming to Android.