Queen Elizabeth and how her crown could break her neck

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"Because if you did, your neck would break - it would fall off", the queen said in "The Coronation", a new documentary coming to The Smithsonian Channel.

The Imperial State Crown features almost 3000 diamonds, plus sapphires, emeralds and hundreds of pearls.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in pictures Fri, January 12, 2018 Photographs from the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which took place on June 2 1953.

"It's the sort of, I suppose, the beginning of one's life, really, as a sovereign", she said.

The crown was made for the coronation of her father, King George VI, in 1937 and worn by the Queen for her own coronation and at state openings of parliament.

But the details of the operation were kept so secret, it turns out, that not even Queen Elizabeth II-at the time a teenage princess-knew the whereabouts of the priceless gems. "But once you put it on, it stays". She learned the juicy details during the filming of an upcoming BBC documentary, when royal commentator Alistair Bruce spoke to her about a set of letters recently unearthed by Oliver Urquhart Irvine, the royal librarian and assistant keeper of the queen's archives.

According to UK's The Telegraph, the footage is shown as part of an hour-long BBC One documentary "The Coronation" which airs in the United Kingdom this weekend and features behind-the-scenes footage of the Queen, capturing her sense of humor and life in the palace. "So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they're quite important things". She recalled the Coronation journey from the palace to Westminster Abbey.

The British monarch joked that her ancestor's pearls are "not very happy now" and have been "hanging out for years, " adding: "The trouble is that pearls are sort of live things, and they need warming".

The documentary also features informal footage taken behind the scenes, including images of son and heir Prince Charles, then aged four, and his younger sister Anne playing underneath the queen's long robe.

"It's fun to see", Queen Elizabeth said.

Bruce discusses the crown jewels with Queen Elizabeth in an exceptionally rare conversation recorded for television.