Moyo: Mnangagwa wants to delay Zimbabwe elections

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The African Union later ruled that the transition in Zimbabwe was not a coup according to its definitions, statues and guidelines.

Mnangagwa has promised to hold free, fair and credible elections this year, but Moyo believes the new government is led by the most feared people in the history of the country, and Zimbabweans won't embrace them.

Mnangagwa was initially sacked as deputy president by Mugabe just few days before the military on November 14 took over the capital in what it called an operation to weed out "criminal elements" surrounding Mugabe, who had been in power for 37 years.

Charamba scoffed at Moyo's claims, saying that, "When you move from the zenith of power to dust to the dust of nothingness you suffer a serious psychological disorientation and that is exactly what he is suffering from." .

Magaya is known for his very hard stance against government on issues human rights abuses.

The initiative is meant to legitimize the ongoing political transition in Zimbabawe following the resignation of long-serving former president Robert Mugabe in November, 2017, at the insistence of the ruling Zanu PF party and the subsequent swearing in of Mnagagwa on Nov 24 as interim president.

"Let him come and clear his name in the courts of law" said Charamba.

United Kingdom based editor of an online publication,, Gilbert Nyambabvu, also wrote on his Twitter handle urging the G40 cabal, of which Moyo was alleged to be its architect, to have better ideas than sticking with Mugabe and Grace.

It was his first appearance in the media since he fled the country mid November previous year.