LG set to unveil huge 8K TV display at CES

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But, it seems like Apple is diversifying away from Samsung in an attempt to control their production standards further and increase output of the displays to meet demands for the next generation of iPhones, all of which are expected to use OLED displays. The ET report said LG Display will supply Apple with OLED panels for its rumored 6.5-inch model, while Samsung will focus on the 5.8-inch or 6-inch OLED displays. LCDs with 8K resolution, however, inevitably get heavier and thicker because backlight units need to be placed directly behind the panels to achieve the same level of brightness and picture quality as 4K products. Plus, if LG's new set ever does reach store shelves, it will likely cost as much as a new Miata; LG now sells a 77-inch OLED TV that's only 4K for a whopping $20,000. Even if you were to pick up LG's big display for a not-so-insignificant price, you'll be upscaling 4K content at best. The 88-inch 8K version is bound to be costlier.

LG Display is one of the companies interested in Apple's business, and a new report says that LG will provide 6.5-inch screens for the bigger iPhone X model supposed to launch this year.

Just as the HDR and 4K are heading to mainstream, the ambitious peeps at LG Display have also been thoroughly consumed in shoving its technology of OLED to 8K. This 88-inch LG panel is a sort-of cousin to the XEL-1, in much the same way that a Chihuahua is technically related to a Great Dane.

Once unveiled, this will largest and highest-resolution OLED TV in the market, Engadget reports.

The OLED display will offer 33 million pixels (7680×4320) - 16 times more than full HD (1920×1080) and four times more than Ultra HD (3840×2160).

While the device in this patent appears to function more like a tablet, Samsung is also working on a smartphone with a flexible display. "OLED TVs are well-known for their superior picture quality with ideal black, more life-like colors, and wider viewing angles", LG added.