Latest health trend 'raw water' might be unsafe as well as unscientific

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"The first time I drank fresh, living spring water a surge of energy and peacefulness entered my being". What about using plastic bottles?

San Franciscans are opting to ditch bottled water in pursuit of alternatives that are less commercial.

Perdue says crowd sourced testing on the water has convinced him it's safe to drink. While that belief isn't scientifically supported, other things are - namely that untreated water can itself contain all sorts of harmful elements, and not just intestinal parasites and bacteria.

But raw water is really up to you.

"In some respects", Jones said, "the fact that people are anxious filtration is removing necessary minerals is really an extreme case of one of these First World problems".

Doctors have said that without proper water treatment, there are acute health risks.

A cool glass of (clean) water.

Before it comes out of a faucet in a home, tap water has generally gone through several stages of processing, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. "You have to be agile and tactile, and be available to experiment", he said.

"You take a breath of air and you own the air you breathe, and yet water has its own supply chain", says Cody Friesen, Zero Mass Water's founder and CEO. Or whether there has been groundwater contamination from naturally occurring elements such as arsenic, radon or uranium, or from agricultural pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. This presumably applies to bottled raw water. More than 100 people were infected with norovirus from spring water at a site in New Mexico in June 2011; at least 21 people got giardia from a spring and a stream at a camp in Alaska in 2012.

It also cites the California outbreak in 2017 where 20 people died of Hepatitis A caused by E. coli and cholera transmitted through unclean water.

"Unfortunately this sterilization destroys beneficial sources of minerals and probiotics", whereas "living spring water is the key to unlocking a flawless microbiome balance".

In a recent New York Times piece about the raw water trend, Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic sums up the burgeoning movement nicely. If you still want to have it run off your dirty roof and into your mouth you can do that, but the modern world does what it can to prevent foodborne illnesses. It may come from a natural spring. It's discouraging to see citizens in one of the world's richest countries kick all that away and expose themselves to the same dangers children in Africa are forced to bear just to feel better than their peers. That's because there is now a company that sells it called, you guessed it, Live Water.