Kamya Punjabi Speaks About Shilpa Shinde

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Surprisingly, Hina and Puneesh chat about what went wrong with the task whereas Vikas and Shilpa side on the other. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are getting nearly same number of Votes, Though Shilpa is leading but By very small margin.

And while Bigg Boss 11 is now in its last leg, the reality show will be having some more twists coming up for the audience.

"Shilpa Shinde is like my mother and even my parents insisted that if I called her maa, I must live up to it. Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are out of the Race for now". Hina also revealed that she doesn't like Shilpa's habit of adding mustard seeds in food. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress is followed by Hina Khan, who is behind her by just a handful of votes. This is a game and anyone would've done is, he tells others. As the contestants woke up to the song, Baadshah Oh Baadshah, the "Vikas City" task continued for another day where dictator Vikas somehow convinced Shilpa Shinde to help him win the task and press the buzzer but at the same time continue to help him against Hina Khan. Hina thanks Puneesh for supporting her. Vikas gets miffed with Puneesh after he sided with Hina. But Shilpa claimed that Hina can cook, but she never wanted to work, which is why she has never shown that side of hers in the house.

Later, Vikas and Shilpa were seen criticising Puneesh for not being loyal to anybody in the house.

Hina Khan cooks food for herself as neither Shilpa nor Vikas cook for her.

Bigg Boss announces that this was the last task of the season and Vikas managed to earn only Rs 6 lakh and not Rs 9 lakh for himself as Hina didn't press the buzzer. She is seen talking to cameras that Shilpa thinks she knows cooking but she can not even cook for herself. Instead, Shilpa tells him that she has seen Hina cooking with Arshi, to which Vikas says that if someone can make round rotis then the person definitely knows cooking. Soon, everyone in the house is against Hina Khan. They do not feel it is their last day and that they spent their Diwali and New Year's here.