Intel sets world record by flying 100 mini drones for light show

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The patterns and movements were all pre-programmed and overseen by one single drone operator sitting at a computer.

Intel isn't saying what advancements were made to bring the drone show indoors. The Shooting Star Mini drones then go out and follow the choreography.

The tech giant tried to forget its high-profile security dramas by staging a glittering drone light show over the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The drone market is rapidly growing in the world.

Intel has developed a new entertainment concept by producing drone-based light shows featuring hundreds of Intel Shooting Star drones all controlled by one pilot.

Even though these little drones seem like they might be the flawless in-house drone toy, that's not what Intel intends for them. This algorithm ensures that each drone keeps its own path and avoids the airspace of the others. This light show looked similar to a firework but it was a lot cooler than that.

Intel says drones working with AI programs could provide drivers with real-time feedback, continuously analysing data streams to "find unexpected insights that the driver can use to improve". Each Shooting Star Mini carries a light that can create more than four billion color combinations. We've seen Intel perform synchronized drone light shows before; previous year at Coachella, in Singapore last August, and to promote the Warner Bros. home video release of Wonder Woman (2017) in Los Angeles last September. Each of the drones weighted roughly about 300 grams and could fly up to 20 minutes.

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