Here's Why Chris Brown Could Reportedly Face 6 Months In Jail

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MJ's Bubbles and Biebs' OG Mally.

Chris Brown could face criminal charges and time behind bars over his pet monkey, according to a new report. The baby capuchin monkey, named Fiji, was the cause of backlash from people who thought it belonged in the wild.

It is illegal in California to have a monkey without a permit.

It seems that Chris has managed to bring about his latest supposed spat with the law in California, as he's not exactly been shy about publicising the fact he owns a monkey.

Last month, the "Fine China" singer bought the capuchin monkey for his daughter Royalty. "In a home environment they become unhappy and can become aggressive".

Some of the Virginia-born ex-convict's fans notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife after he shared a December 6 video of his three-year-old daughter Royalty cuddling Fiji.

But he voluntarily gave up the monkey before his house was raided.

The city's wildlife department's employee Captain Patrick Foy has said that Chris was not at home when the search on his home in Los Angeles was carried out but his staff handed the primate over to the authorities and he agreed to co-operate with them.

Other sources told the site: 'CB could be charged with having a restricted species without a permit, a misdemeanour which carries a maximum of six months in jail.

The case has already been referred to the L.A. City Attorney office and a misdemeanor charge could be coming Chris Brown's way. "On January 2, they used a search warrant to go to the house and cease the monkey as evidence and they will file the case with the L.A. City Attorney's Office". have reached out to representatives of the singer for comment.