HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Adaptation Looks Pretty Badass

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An empathetic and engaged moral conscience has run through director Ramin Bahrani's filmography and looks to continue with his HBO adaptation of Ray Bradbury's seminal novel Fahrenheit 451.

Along with Jordan, the film will star Michael Shannon as its antagonist (naturally), Sofia Boutella, and YouTuber Lilly Singh.

One critic wanted to know how he decided which books to burn in those sequences, and if he picked books that meant a lot to him, entirely missing the point of the novel and of Bahrani. The story is set in a dystopian world where books are outlawed.

The film is being directed, co-written and produced by Ramin Bahrani, who also also directed Shannon in the criminally underseen 99 Homes.

Sofia Boutella who was recently seen in Tom Cruise's The Mummy, plays Clarisse McClellan who is an informant caught between the competing interests of Montag and Beatty. "I tried to stay true to the themes, even if I changed certain characters and plotlines".

The film does not have a release date yet but is expected to debut in spring.

Attempting to stay true to the book while updating the technology, the director noted that the struggle to maintain fidelity to the classic nearly drove him to "give HBO their money back". "I think we've been going in that direction for a long time, it's just now kind of being revealed to us more clearly".

"It's not hard to control what is on the internet given that things are so centralized", he said. Between the technological advancements in the last 20 years and politics, Bradbury's biggest concern about the erosion of culture is now. We're all guilty about reading headlines.

"Will we actually get ahead of the dam, or will it just be a flood and up to some other generation to bring back all of Bradbury's heroes?"

We could make any number of fire-based puns to usher in the intense first teaser for HBO's upcoming Fahrenheit 451 film, like "it's going to be lit", or "things are really heating up", but we'll keep it simple and say that it'll undoubtedly ignite your excitement.