Detective Pikachu Amiibo is a Must-Have Addition to Your Collection

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It was announced today that Detective Pikachu will be released as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive in the USA and Europe on March 23.

Detective Pikachu includes all the chapters of the 2016 Japan-exclusive Nintendo eShop release, along with further content that completes the story.

Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Amiibo is a Must-Have Addition to Your Collection

As fans wonder why a Detective Pikachu film is coming out, they might be happy to know that the original 3DS game of the same name is finally coming to the West.

In the latest Pokemon news, you will soon be able to play as Pikachu in a hard-boiled detective game. Side-by-side, the two friends will be investigating clues and interrogate witnesses, including the many Pokemon that inhabit the city. This coffee-slurping, gun-shooting version of Pikachu is helping a boy named Tim find his father.

The Detective Pikachu adventure will begin on March 23. These clips will feature quips and antics from Pikachu... and also hints about where to go next. The movie stars Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds as the great Detective Pikachu.

Check out the images and video below for even more Detective Pikachu.

After almost two years of waiting, hoping, and plenty of memes, Detective Pikachu is finally getting a Western release.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition will hit the US - it was released in Japan late a year ago - on January 26.

Detective Pikachu will be launching in the USA with a special new amiibo. Pikachu amiibo. Plus, the jumbo-sized amiibo will let players see all nearby available Pika Prompts, which apparently are hidden during normal gameplay.